Our Story



United Pups


United Pups is a modern pet product company founded across two countries.  

We offer pet owners stylish, functional pet products that complement modern home design and amazing and exclusive apparel.  

United Pups products are designed in the United States and handmade by craftspeople to be shipped around the world.  

Our products help the pet owners integrate the living space

and the pet’s living space into a fashionable and modern space to be shared together.



Our Story


United Pups is a story of two people and two lovely Maltese dogs separated by 7700 miles!  

We started by sharing pictures of our beloved Maltese,

A-Rod and Bailey from two different countries.  

You’d never know it from the pictures we shared on social media.  

We came up with the name United Pups because one day the hope was to unite A-Rod, Bailey and their mom and dad.  

Late in 2015, the dream was realized and we hope to continue to share our family with you :) .