Dogs come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.  We can't wait to see your pup in United Pups gear, so hopefully we have your dogs measurements to fit everything appropriately. 
Things you should know right away:
  • Large chain store pet sizing is very different from boutique store sizing.  A "small" from a huge chain store may be our "large"!
  • Every product we carry has a unique size chart in the pictures for reference.  (For example, our jean jackets may vary in size compared our t-shirts)
  • Measuring your pup for success:
    • Using a measuring tape to measure their Neck & Chest girth (circumference).  Have the measuring tape loose enough to fit one or two fingers next to your pups body.  
    • Length can be measured from the top of their body.   Start from the back neck to the beginning of their tail
    • Write these numbers down once you have them. Tip: e-mail it to yourself for an easy reference in the future if you're not near your pup.
    • Don't have a measuring tape?
      • >>  Download and print << a measuring tape.  Be sure to print on standard letter paper, and do not check "Stretch to fit" if presented with that option.
      • Another tip:  Safely use a soft string like item to wrap around your pup, then use a ruler to measure the string.
If you're still not sure, please see our contact page.  We are here to help!